Some of the Most Expected Costumes This Halloween

By: Alessio W. 

Halloween is nearing, and being two or three weeks away, here are some of the costumes that are going to be the most prevalent among adults and teenagers.

Wonder Woman was the biggest hit movie of the summer, and a really good one too. It was a huge success and the most grossing movie so far in 2017. She was beating big strong men in the military like it was absolutely nothing. She walked into World War II looking for someone, took out a lot of guys along the way and still manages to find and defeat her target. And she looked pretty good while doing it. Expect a lot of females looking for costumes to choose this awesome superhero costume. Continue reading


Top Three The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Episodes

By: Eishan B.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is one of if not the greatest show of all time. Will Smith, the star of the show, is sent out to live with his rich aunt and uncle in Bel-Air due to the fact he was getting beat up back in his home in Philadelphia. In Bel-Air, Will is greeted by his uncle, Uncle Phillip, his aunt, Aunt Vivian, and his three cousins, Carlton, Hilary, and Ashley. Throughout the six seasons that the story takes place,download

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Naheed Nenshi in trouble with Calgary small buisnesses


by Michael E

Naheed Nenshi may have trouble getting re-elected as the economy takes its toll on Calgary’s small business community.

In the last mayoral election, mayor Naheed Nenshi destroyed the competition with an astounding 74% of votes. As mayor Nenshi runs for his third term in office, he may have some unprecedented vulnerabilities, especially in the small business community.

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