NBA Preseason: Who to Watch For

By: Rick D.


With the NBA preseason starting up and the summer league at a close.People are looking for the rookies to perform and judge how well their team will play. Rookies such as Lonzo Ball, Josh Jackson, and  Markelle Fultz are going to be the players to watch. With Lonzo Ball winning summer MVP laker fans are hopeful for a playoff year. As well as great rookies many deals have been made in this offseason such as Irving to Celtics and Isiah Thomas with Lebron and one of the biggest trades in this offseason Carmelo Anthony a seven time NBA All Star,  two time ALL NBA Second team and a four time All NBA Third Team to the OKC Thunder.


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The New God Of Hockey, Sam Bennett

By Dylan B.

“He has the potential but he hasn’t broken out yet.” Says Junaid V. avid NHL fan.

Sam Bennett is an NHL player and he is currently playing for the Calgary Flames on a 3 year 1.9 million dollar contract. Sam Bennett has been playing for the flames since the draft in 2014 when he was 4th picked. Before his draft, he played one year for the Canadian junior team which led him to the draft.

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20 days away: Grading the Top Ten Power Ranked NBA Teams’ Off-season

With twenty days to go until the NBA tips off, looking back on offseason of all time, we grade the top ten NBA teams.

By: Alessio W. 

1. The Golden State Warriors
The Golden State Warriors do not need much explanation as to why they get the number one spot. They have one of the best coaches in the league, as well as four all-NBA players who all work together well. As for their offseason, they made no key acquisitions, but they were able to re-sign many of their important players in Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and Andre Iguodala. In addition, Golden State only really added bench depth in Nick Young, Omri Casspi, and Jordan Bell, and lost some too, but at the same time, I think this offseason made them better, which is hard to after a record playoff year.

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