Sync or Swim: Impossible Perfection

By Marielle H.
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               All athletes strive for perfection, they train hours upon hours everyday to achieve their one goal of being the best in their sport. Most athletes will go incredible lengths to achieve this image of perfection, but for some this image can become distorted. Athletes in artistic sports such as synchronized swimming need to present as well as physically perform. Fancy suits, the perfect technique and a similar physique to your teammates are needed to have chance at a competition. But what how far will coaches and athletes go to achieve perfection? Continue reading

Activities to do in the Winter

By: Claire M.learn-to-ski-in-calgary-low-res(Picture Credit:

Winter is fast approaching which means the beginning of a new season of sports. From skiing to bobsledding there’s endless possibilities in what you can do in the winter snow. Even if you don’t participate in any winter sports, that doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of the wonderful community that comes with it. Throughout December there are lots of opportunities to go out and watch some sporting events, or try something new! Here are a four fun-filled ideas.
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Fortress Mountain Is Going To Reopen!

13fortress-master768Fortress mountain set to reopen! The hill that thousands of people loved for many years is going to reopen! This project is being led by the Fortress Mountain Holdings Group is hoping to open in the next few years. The mountain is 160 km from downtown Calgary and just past Nakiska down highway 40.

Let me give you some history on this mountain. Fortress first opened in 1969 and closed in 2004. Fortress ran 3 tee bars and 3 lifts. The mountain had 3,400 acres of ski-able terrain Why did fortress close? The ski hill closed because of a falling apart bridge that is used to assess the hill. The government did not renew the lease if they did not fix the bridge, Fortress did not have the funding to fix the bridge so they shut down.  A few years after closure the movie Inception was filmed there and last year the Revenant was filmed there. Since the producers of the movie had lots of money they fixed the bridge.

Currently there is a cat skiing operation run by the same company. The company is called K-Pow, I have heard that the cat skiing is very god. They are planning to build residential buildings, hotels and restaurants on site.

Older skiers are thrilled hearing that their favorite hill is going to open again. Currently there is no date for open decided yet but all I know is that I’m going to be out there on opening day.

League of Legends – IEM Oakland 2016!


By Winston C.

It’s the Intel Extreme Masters Tournament which is being hosted in Oakland, USA. Six teams from five different regions have been invited to play in IEM. Lasting only two days, the schedule is short and extremely intense coupled with a small prize pool being only $100,000. The five teams that have been invited are as follows: Team SoloMid from North America, Unicorns of Love from Europe, INTZ from Brazil, Chiefs eSports Club from Oceania, Longzhu Gaming from South Korea, and Flash Wolves from Taiwan.

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Netball in a Nutshell By Mariana C


Netball is a fast, skillful team game based on running, jumping, throwing and catching. Teams may include up to twelve players, but only seven may take the court at any one time. The major aim of the game is to score as many goals as possible from within an area called the “Goal Circle”. Only two players from each team may score goals; the “Goal Attack” and the “Goal Shooter.”

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