One Last Photo of the Rings

This September 15th at 5:55 am Mountain time the Cassini Satellite plunged into Saturn’s atmosphere. The $4 billion dollar spacecraft has finally finished its mission after 20 years in space.

Cassini’s discoveries have changed our perception of Saturn and the cosmos too. Cassini had even discovered several new moons orbiting Saturn, water erupting from Enceladus, and  pools of methane on titan. Orbiting Saturn allowed Cassini to observe its rings, which were similar to the rings of debris that formed the solar system in the way they were initially created.

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Netflix Adds Download Feature to Watch Content Online

Netflix recently updated their mobile app for iOS and Android allowing users to download movies and TV shows to watch offline. This was a surprise move from the company, who stated in the past that it was Never going to happen. In a press release on November 30th, the company said Netflix members worldwide can now download in addition to stream great series and films at no extra cost, and The new feature is included in all plans and available for phones and tablets on Android and iOS. For Netflix fans this is a huge feature and allows viewers to binge watch whenever they want, wherever they want, without using cell phone data.

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Japan’s Solution to Space Junk

By: Brian T


Ever since man ventured into space, we have tossed things into our orbit without blinking an eye. We have abandoned stuff from paint flecks, to used up rockets up in space, but now that is coming back to bite us. The problem of space junk has gotten so bad, that in 2011, the National Research Council announced that junk in space has reached critical mass and the problem has only worsened since then. Thankfully, Japan has created an anti-space junk measure to help mitigate the problem and will be tested for a before burning up in the atmosphere. Will this be enough to stop the problem, or has the issue gone too far to reverse?

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