The Terror attacks in Berlin and how politicians reacted

By Benjamin. G

On Monday, December 19th, a horrifying terrorist attack occurred on German soil. An attacker drove a truck through the crowded stalls of Berlin’s Christmas market. The truck hit and killed 12 people, as well as injuring 50 others. The suspect has been identified as a Pakistani, but he has been released after interrogation, and police have been frantically searching for the real suspect. Isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. This and recent terror attacks have had a profound impact on Germany’s viewing of Chancellor Merkel, and her whole immigrant policy.

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Trump Becomes Official President of United States


Ohm S.

Electors gathered in Washington on Monday, December 19 to make Donald J. Trump the official 45th president of the United States of America. The electors completed the formal process and voted trump in with a final tally of 304-227 in favor of Trump. The prelude to the electoral process was riddled with petitions and theories of changing the results but the end result stayed the same since the election on November 3rd.

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