The Terror attacks in Berlin and how politicians reacted

By Benjamin. G

On Monday, December 19th, a horrifying terrorist attack occurred on German soil. An attacker drove a truck through the crowded stalls of Berlin’s Christmas market. The truck hit and killed 12 people, as well as injuring 50 others. The suspect has been identified as a Pakistani, but he has been released after interrogation, and police have been frantically searching for the real suspect. Isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. This and recent terror attacks have had a profound impact on Germany’s viewing of Chancellor Merkel, and her whole immigrant policy.

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Marrakesh Climate Summit 2016 – Trouble, Triumph, and Trump

By Debadrita


Country flags outside of the COP venue in Marrakesh. (Photo: UNFCCC)

The United Nations climate change summit, or COP 22, was held in Marrakesh, Morocco, from the 7th -18th of November this year, and depending on who you ask, it was either a decisive victory for campaigners of climate-change, or a dismal failure of UN politics. Let’s take a look at what went down in Marrakesh in the last two weeks.  Continue reading

The Creepy Clown Sensation

-Benjamin. G

As Halloween draws near, there has been a strange phenomenon occurring All over North America. A very strange sensation seems to be overcoming the nation: random people dressing up as Creepy Clowns. Many speculate that this is a social media trend or “meme” gone out of hand, but the origin still remains a mystery. As in the days leading up to Halloween, there have been many sightings of these strange people dressed as clowns lurking on the streets and around public places. This has caused widespread confusion, and not to surprisingly, fear, to follow in suit of these sightings. Police have been involved on several occasions on fears of abduction or assault. Though there has not been any injury involved so far, we can only speculate on what is to come.

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Black Lives Matter vs. the American Police Department: A Collective Essay

By: Jenna I.

wpid-Photo-20150428203748340.jpg Photo: Courtesy of Mike Luckovich

You know the fight for people’s lives from police is bad in 2016 when modern day events can be corresponded to the name of a #1 smash hit by N.W.A., in which I cannot say the title of this song because this is a school newspaper and I will get a very disapproving glance from admin, but let’s just say the name isn’t very flattering to the police department in the US of A.

Black Lives Matter, a trending hashtag, movement, and topic among liberal activists and backwoods-hillbilly-Trump supporters alike, is taking over the internet specifically on Twitter and Instagram, and for good reason. Innocent African-Americans, predominantly males, are being wrongfully targeted by police, especially because recent victims of police violence who have been killed that are showcased in mainstream media in this movement has been unarmed and were showing little to no criminal activity near their time of death; some of the only real offences were loitering and a busted tail light – nothing worth getting killed for.

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