Sync or Swim: Impossible Perfection

By Marielle H.
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               All athletes strive for perfection, they train hours upon hours everyday to achieve their one goal of being the best in their sport. Most athletes will go incredible lengths to achieve this image of perfection, but for some this image can become distorted. Athletes in artistic sports such as synchronized swimming need to present as well as physically perform. Fancy suits, the perfect technique and a similar physique to your teammates are needed to have chance at a competition. But what how far will coaches and athletes go to achieve perfection? Continue reading

Healthy-ish Chocolate Cake

By: Kaylea Barrow

We all love baked goodimg_8886s (well if you’re sane you do). Well what if you could make your baked goods a little heather… well at the bake sale that takes/took place on November 30 to december 1 there’s a secret vegetable. So I did to see how easy it would be to make cupcakes that have a vegetable. Personally I don’t care for zucchini but I used it and grated it extremely small then put it in a food processor. Flavour wise it tasted close to a normal chocolate cake, but I was one of the moistest cake I have ever bake it also took quite a bit longer to bake. One of the people who tried the cupcake that I made could honestly not tell there was any vegetable in it and LOVED IT! Continue reading

How the Canadian government is not doing enough to deal with the drug crisis.

By Benjamin.G

Fentanyl;his drug has been sweeping through Canada and parts of the United states like a scythe, killing hundreds every year. In the past years, starting in Mid-2015, there has been a massive spike in fentanyl overdoses, resulting in countless deaths. Fentanyl is an extremely powerful drug, capable of giving a person a heroin-like euphoria with only mass equivalent to a salt grain, while 2 grains worth of Fentanyl could kill a person. The drug started to become popular in 2015, as there were large spikes in fentanyl drug production in the States and Canada. The Fentanyl epidemic spread to Alberta and BC a while ago, claiming 505 people in BC in 2015, and 488 deaths so far this year. Fentanyl also has claimed hundreds of lives in Calgary and Alberta as well, due to the drug become more prominent on the streets. Despite this massive epidemic, the Federal government is doing next to nothing to help local authorities deal with this national threat.

Continue reading

Three Drink Recipes That’ll Make You Excited for the Holidays

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Recipe featured in the picture: Cranberry-Apple Cider Punch (courtesy of Say Yes)

By: Jenna I.

Now that Christmas and the holiday season is upon us, everyone is getting ready for the festivities upon us. Christmas music is blasting out of the radio speakers, commercials for the latest and greatest products are being broadcasted on TV, and people already have their trees and lights up to feel all festive for the month of constant events among us. But, sometimes it may be hard to get in the mood if you’re drinking the same bland breakfast tea every morning, the same lifeless hot chocolate mix, or the same boring holiday punch at all of the events you attend. No one wants to experience that during the jolliest time of the year, so here are three delicious drink recipes that are sure to give you joy during and after the holiday season! Continue reading