Dishonored: Revenge Solves Everything

By John H


Dishonored, designed by Arkane Studios and Bethesda Softworks, is a stealth-adventure game, first released on October 9, 2012. Played from a first person perspective, the game follows Corvo Attano, bodyguard to Empress Jessamine Kaldwin. I will be reviewing the game based on four criteria: plot and story, gameplay, player and character freedom, and finally, the design and graphics.

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The Ultimate Halloween Guide


By: Aniela K

Whichever way you look–there is black, orange and an array of browns, the temperature has dropped, and everyone has chills. This weather and colour palette can mean nothing other than the fact that fall is here, and with it, copious mobs of white girls waiting in line at Starbucks for a “Pumpkin Spice Latte.” Is it really fall, though, if you aren’t already thinking about Halloween? If for some ungodly reason, you haven’t already planned out your Hallow’s eve, then you’re in luck, because all you have to do is continue reading to properly immerse yourself in the Halloween culture.

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IT Review: A Spooky Scary Sweet Success

By Lucas.V



IT provides a unique experience in which the viewer is entranced in a relatively scary heartfelt coming of age story with disturbing themes, superb special effects, beautiful acting, and a terrifying clown. Imagine, in terms of other Stephen King movies, Stand by Me meets The Shining. IT’s biggest flaws are pacing and transition issues and a feeling of a few missing scenes while some drag on for too long. However, it’s very polished nature and jet-speed pacing allows you to overlook these for the most part. It offers magnificently done phycological build up to each jump scare making each one feel earned and much more effective. IT’s humor is mostly offered by the film’s one comic relief character, not by goofiness, but rather often blunt and vulgar jokes. But it is funny and effective enough to work none the less. He kept the entire theatre laughing every time and it felt appropriate for a movie set in the late 80’s. Be warned, the film deals with heavy and upsetting themes like bullying, abuse and although IT is not as scary as other horror films it can still be too much to some younger and more susceptible viewers, especially if you have coulrophobia (phobia of clowns).

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