Eight Fall Trends You Should Try

Gabby. G

The leaves are falling to the ground. The skies are getting greyer and Lululemon shorts won’t be an option for much longer. Summer is coming to an end and fall is starting faster than you can say “cinnamon.” Read on to find the essentials you need to make Fall 2017 the best.

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From Polka Dots to Fist Fights – 5 Weird New Year’s Celebrations Around The World

By Debadrita

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Parliament Hill, Ottawa (Photo: ottawatourism.ca)

It’s the end of another year now, and it’s time to send it off in good style. Celebrating the beginning of the upcoming year is important to most cultures on this planet, and you probably grew up with New Year’s traditions yourself. From watching fireworks to feasting on great food (and making flimsy resolutions you, your neighbour, and your neighbour’s dog know you’ll never stick to), there are some widespread customs that most people have grown up with, or at least heard of. The following few traditions, ranging from cool, to very cool, to just plain weird (not necessarily in that order), are ones you may not have heard of before: Continue reading

The Creepy Clown Sensation

-Benjamin. G

As Halloween draws near, there has been a strange phenomenon occurring All over North America. A very strange sensation seems to be overcoming the nation: random people dressing up as Creepy Clowns. Many speculate that this is a social media trend or “meme” gone out of hand, but the origin still remains a mystery. As in the days leading up to Halloween, there have been many sightings of these strange people dressed as clowns lurking on the streets and around public places. This has caused widespread confusion, and not to surprisingly, fear, to follow in suit of these sightings. Police have been involved on several occasions on fears of abduction or assault. Though there has not been any injury involved so far, we can only speculate on what is to come.

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Top 5 Quick and Simple DIY Halloween Costumes


By: Maya K.

Have you ever found yourself waking up the morning of halloween and realising that you forgot to come up with a costume? Frantically running around your house trying to find a pail of cat ears or devil horns, in order to have some sort of costume to last you the entire day. Don’t worry, because Westmount Wire has got you covered with five brilliant costumes that will take you no time to get ready. Continue reading