Amazing Advice! Series 1 – How to Make Friends and Pickle Allergy

By: The Westmount Wire Advice

Dear Westmount Wire Advice,

Do you have any tips on making new friends?


Single and ready to Mingle


Dear Single and ready to Mingle,

First of all, if you are new, then welcome to Westmount! If not, well then welcome back! If you don’t go to Westmount, well I’m sorry, but I can’t help. If you are looking for more friends then I suggest you try and join different clubs. You can make lots of friends (or possibly enemies) who share the same interest as you! A big thing you have to do is to be yourself. At Westmount we don’t judge people, so if you are interested in horse jokes, then go up to Judy Yang and tell her your best horse jokes! She is gonna love you! Finally, if all else fails, just talk to people! If they stare at you weirdly, then make a sarcastic, awkward joke to lighten to mood. If they still stare at you, then don’t give a f***. They are not worth your time!


Westmount Wire Advice

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A Feasible List of Things to Do Instead of Your Homework

By: Fungnam N


Tsk, tsk, says stock photo Santa once he realizes you haven’t handed in any of your assignments.

The clock strikes 11 and you still haven’t started any of your homework. You don’t exactly have a reason why; maybe it was because you had a legitimate excuse, such as your parents were taken hostage by angry An-Caps, or maybe not. No matter, because you now have a choice: a) actually take on the responsibilities of education and do your homework, or b) do quite literally anything else. If you choose the latter route, the only thing I must say is: shame. Shame. Shame.

Anyways, now that you’ve chosen the self-inflicted path to destruction, there are but many ways to find time well wasted in the hours until school actually begins. Continue reading

Model UN Newbies Attend First Conference of the Year

Debadrita C.

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Last week, more than forty delegates from Westmount joined five hundred other students in attending Winston Churchill High School’s sixth annual Model United Nations conference. It began on Friday at 3:30 and fully ended on Saturday at 5:30, with numerous breaks in between. This conference was a taste-test for many newcomers of what MUN meetings are like – and what an explosive taste-test it was!

Both the number of attending schools, twenty three, and number of attending delegates this year were Churchill’s new record highs. The GA 3 SOCHUM (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Affairs) committee alone was composed of around one hundred and forty students, all stuffed into Churchill’s brightly-lit, crimson-seated school theatre. Intimidating? You may think so, but the newbie ninth graders of Westmount proved to be made of tougher material than that. “I like [the idea of] larger committees, although it’s hard to speak up when you’re Jamaica,” Duomi D., one such newbie, laughingly noted.

Duomi was the Jamaican delegate in the GA SOCHUM committee. For those in need of a quick crash course, a delegate’s job is to research their country’s stance on a few issues posed beforehand to their committee, and then attempt to pass resolutions that fit accordingly with said stance, as well as benefitting their own country and allies. Generally speaking, larger or more prominent countries such as USA and France naturally have more to work with in terms of stances, while smaller nations like Jamaica could be more ambiguous. Committees like the GA are also larger by nature, and recommended for beginner members.

This conference being her first, Duomi opted to be in the GA and picked Jamaica as her country. When asked about her plan for the next conference, which happens to be taking place right here at Westmount, she says “I think I’d choose a smaller committee next time, but if I have to change to get a large country, I’d still take the GA.”

The delegate of Luxembourg, another 9th grader and beginner in the GA SOCHUM, Roy H. was more decisive in his response. “For me, [the GA] just had too many people. Roll call was cancer.” Certainly anyone present in the theatre during roll call would agree with Roy’s latter sentiment. Roll call, for anyone unaware, consists of the chair calling each and every individual country by name and waiting for each and every individual delegate to respond with “present”. Throw in the fact that the chair repeats a country’s name twice if the country delegate does not immediately respond, and one gets an excruciating process that only gets longer each time it is done.

Suffering through a few roll calls was a small price to pay, however, as many Westmount delegates won awards at this conference and in general performed very well. The next Model UN conference will be hosted by Westmount in early December, and hopefully there will be just as many Westmount students with the velvety voices and sharp minds that were exhibited in the Churchill MUN conference.