The Terry Fox Legacy Lives On

by: Judy Y.

Who recalls in grade school towards the end of September when teachers would put up a video on the smart board of Terry Fox jogging across Canada with one leg? I remember the first time I learned about him, I was so inspired by this young man with one leg that I surprisingly made it through the 7 km run that followed. The curly haired, stubborn 22 year old had captured my heart and probably the hearts of everyone sitting on the gym floor that day. Terry changed Canada’s attitude to the disabled and showed the nation that cancer had only taken his leg; nothing could take away his spirit.
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From Polka Dots to Fist Fights – 5 Weird New Year’s Celebrations Around The World

By Debadrita

parliament hill.jpg

Parliament Hill, Ottawa (Photo:

It’s the end of another year now, and it’s time to send it off in good style. Celebrating the beginning of the upcoming year is important to most cultures on this planet, and you probably grew up with New Year’s traditions yourself. From watching fireworks to feasting on great food (and making flimsy resolutions you, your neighbour, and your neighbour’s dog know you’ll never stick to), there are some widespread customs that most people have grown up with, or at least heard of. The following few traditions, ranging from cool, to very cool, to just plain weird (not necessarily in that order), are ones you may not have heard of before: Continue reading