The Meaning of Life

Dear Ms. Informed,

I’ve been thinking: what’s the meaning of life?


Philosophically Questioning

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The Terry Fox Legacy Lives On

by: Judy Y.

Who recalls in grade school towards the end of September when teachers would put up a video on the smart board of Terry Fox jogging across Canada with one leg? I remember the first time I learned about him, I was so inspired by this young man with one leg that I surprisingly made it through the 7 km run that followed. The curly haired, stubborn 22 year old had captured my heart and probably the hearts of everyone sitting on the gym floor that day. Terry changed Canada’s attitude to the disabled and showed the nation that cancer had only taken his leg; nothing could take away his spirit.
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Amazing Advice! Series 1 – How to Make Friends and Pickle Allergy

By: The Westmount Wire Advice

Dear Westmount Wire Advice,

Do you have any tips on making new friends?


Single and ready to Mingle


Dear Single and ready to Mingle,

First of all, if you are new, then welcome to Westmount! If not, well then welcome back! If you don’t go to Westmount, well I’m sorry, but I can’t help. If you are looking for more friends then I suggest you try and join different clubs. You can make lots of friends (or possibly enemies) who share the same interest as you! A big thing you have to do is to be yourself. At Westmount we don’t judge people, so if you are interested in horse jokes, then go up to Judy Yang and tell her your best horse jokes! She is gonna love you! Finally, if all else fails, just talk to people! If they stare at you weirdly, then make a sarcastic, awkward joke to lighten to mood. If they still stare at you, then don’t give a f***. They are not worth your time!


Westmount Wire Advice

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