How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions and Stick With It!

By: Maddy M


Now like many people, I myself struggle with keeping my New Year’s Resolution. Whether it’s to eat healthier, get more exercise or even something as simple as drink more water, most of us inevitably end up failing. The question is why? Well, it’s different for everyone, but with these following steps, your goal is one step closer to becoming achievable.

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From Polka Dots to Fist Fights – 5 Weird New Year’s Celebrations Around The World

By Debadrita

parliament hill.jpg

Parliament Hill, Ottawa (Photo:

It’s the end of another year now, and it’s time to send it off in good style. Celebrating the beginning of the upcoming year is important to most cultures on this planet, and you probably grew up with New Year’s traditions yourself. From watching fireworks to feasting on great food (and making flimsy resolutions you, your neighbour, and your neighbour’s dog know you’ll never stick to), there are some widespread customs that most people have grown up with, or at least heard of. The following few traditions, ranging from cool, to very cool, to just plain weird (not necessarily in that order), are ones you may not have heard of before: Continue reading

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

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Use these gift ideas for the best Christmas

Ohm S.

Have you put off gift shopping till the absolute last minute possible? Are you in a panic similar to the one of putting off journalism articles till the last second? Well fear no longer my fellow product of procrastination, as this Christmas gift guide will help you out more than you help your mom clean the house (which is very little, we both know it’s true).

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