Mouthwatering BBQ Ribs

By John H

If you love the smoky, BBQ flavor of fall-off-the-bone ribs, then you’ll love this recipe. Featuring a sauce bursting with flavor, the three hours it takes to make these ribs will definitely pay off, as they will be devoured at the dinner table.

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The Happiest Man in America – The Key to Happiness :)

The Happiest Man in America – The Key to Happiness 🙂

By Gabby G.

“For every minute you are sad you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” People say being happy is the most important quality of life, but how can we be our most joyful self? Alvin Wong is known to be the happiest man in America, but who is Alvin Wong, and what makes him so happy? Read on to learn about how to be happy, and how to become the next Alvin Wong.
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Please prove you’re not a robot

by Michael E.


Proving you’re not a robot is more important than you might have thought.

If you have ever purchased or signed up for something online you probably have had to copy down some barely legible text or tick a checkbox. These annoying tests are accompanied by a phrase that most likely says, “prove you’re not a robot”. Many people wonder what the point of proving your not a robot is. why would a robot be purchasing bran new pink boxers online?

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The Drone Disadvantage

Article by Stella. T



Drones have been popping up everywhere in this day and age, with companies like Amazon using them for deliveries and millions of children receiving them as toys to terrorize the local wildlife with. However, with the recent near disaster that was the collision of a Skyjet aircraft and a drone in Quebec City, many are reconsidering their views on drones and their use. While there are many advantages to drones when used properly, it needs to be said that there are an equal amount of disadvantages, and that drones shouldn’t be treated so lightly.

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