NBA Preseason: Who to Watch For

By: Rick D.


With the NBA preseason starting up and the summer league at a close.People are looking for the rookies to perform and judge how well their team will play. Rookies such as Lonzo Ball, Josh Jackson, and  Markelle Fultz are going to be the players to watch. With Lonzo Ball winning summer MVP laker fans are hopeful for a playoff year. As well as great rookies many deals have been made in this offseason such as Irving to Celtics and Isiah Thomas with Lebron and one of the biggest trades in this offseason Carmelo Anthony a seven time NBA All Star,  two time ALL NBA Second team and a four time All NBA Third Team to the OKC Thunder.



People are looking to overthrow the Golden State Warriors with their own super teams such as the Cleveland Warriors with notable names such as Lebron James, Derrick Rose, Dwyane Wade and Isiah Thomas. The biggest moves lie in the Oklahoma City Thunder after Kevin Durant left they signed big name players as previously mentioned Carmelo Anthony  Paul George they haven’t played a game yet but people are going to see how well they play together. However this could be similar to the 2012 Lakers who even with a star studded lineup they didn’t have the chemistry to win a championship.


As of right now in preseason the Golden State Warriors demolished the young lineup of the Minnesota Timberwolves 142-110. The Cleveland Cavaliers have lost both of their games against the Pacers and Wizards. So right now some could interpret this as a bad sign as the GSW are winning and the Cavaliers are not. But for right now we cannot predict how this next season is going to go. Purely based on the team chemistry and injury’s that we cannot do any bold predictions.



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