Calgary: Electing its Thirty-Seventh Mayor!

By: Freeha A.

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 4.44.53 PM.png

Photo Taken From: Google Images

Mayor Naheed Nenshi has certainly improved the barren wasteland of Calgary with his good deeds towards society, but citizens may question whether it is enough to stay in office. Using his kind heart and brilliant mind, he has undoubtedly changed our city for the better, leading him to eventually earn the World Mayor’s Award in February 2014. Not only is he responsible for reducing energy use of street lights by fifty percent, setting up the municipal non-residential phased tax program, increasing the size of the police force, and much more, but also made sure it was a team effort. In 2011, Nenshi encouraged every Calgarian to do three deeds for the city out of the goodness in themselves. With this information, it may seem apparent to some for the re-election of our dedicated Mayor. Recent situations, however, may say otherwise…

With minimum wage increase being executed on October third of this year, hundreds and thousands of jobs will be lost. The sight of many empty offices may soon become typical as a result and the amount of people searching for ways to earn money will expand in numbers. By October of next year, the wage will be raised even more, as confirmed by Premier Rachel Notley. The current state of Calgary would not be considered a preferred one, and in such times, people want change.

An anonymous citizen who will be voting in this year’s’ election shares his opinions on current candidates. Confirming he will be voting for Naheed Nenshi “because I think he tells the truth.” Not having anything against the other candidates, he assures, “but if someone is experienced and doing his job correctly, thus proving his trustworthiness, why would I replace him with an unknown? Tried and trusted, as they call it.” It is, however, still a possibility some citizens may put other candidates above Nenshi regardless of their being “no corruption [caused by him] for one to say he should not be in office.” When asked about such a topic, the citizen states “there will always be people who know more about a candidate and have a previous connection with them. The other possibility is when people do not think things are perfect, they (other candidates) may be able to fix it. Another reason is when people may have a strong opinion on a particular aspect which does not agree with certain other candidates’ ideas.”

On October sixteenth, with citizens keeping in mind the current conditions of the city, one of the many runners will be chosen. Candidates for this year’s election include Andre Chabot, Bill Smith, Dr. Emile Gabriel, David Lapp, Larry Heather, Curtis Olson, Jason Achtymichuck, Brent Chisholm, Stan Waciak, and incumbent Naheed Nenshi.


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