Egg beatdown

Egg beatdown

By:Hewett T

This is Egg beatdown, the professional egg eater. Today I will be reviewing some famous chef’s scrambled eggs recipes, then try the eggs for myself and rating them. The first recipe that I will be trying is Gordon Ramsay’s! Internet! Famous! Scrambled eggs recipe. Continue reading


The Terry Fox Legacy Lives On

by: Judy Y.

Who recalls in grade school towards the end of September when teachers would put up a video on the smart board of Terry Fox jogging across Canada with one leg? I remember the first time I learned about him, I was so inspired by this young man with one leg that I surprisingly made it through the 7 km run that followed. The curly haired, stubborn 22 year old had captured my heart and probably the hearts of everyone sitting on the gym floor that day. Terry changed Canada’s attitude to the disabled and showed the nation that cancer had only taken his leg; nothing could take away his spirit.
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Pumpkin Spice Pancakes

By: Jade W.


It’s fall, and that means pumpkin everything, including breakfast! These pumpkin spice pancakes are the perfect way to start your autumn morning, and are a great way to get in the fall mood! They’re simple to make, store, and are portable, if you’re running a little late for school.

Bring out your creativity and top them with your favorites like whipped cream, syrup, or fresh fruits for your own personalized taste! To find out how to make these quick and easy pumpkin spice pancakes, just keep reading


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Calgary: Electing its Thirty-Seventh Mayor!

By: Freeha A.

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 4.44.53 PM

Mayor Naheed Nenshi has certainly improved the barren wasteland of Calgary with his good deeds towards society, but citizens may question whether it is enough to stay in office. Using his kind heart and brilliant mind, he has undoubtedly changed our city for the better, leading him to eventually earn the World Mayor’s Award in February 2014. Not only is he responsible for reducing energy use of street lights by fifty percent, setting up the municipal non-residential phased tax program, increasing the size of the police force, and much more, but also made sure it was a team effort. In 2011, Nenshi encouraged every Calgarian to do three deeds for the city out of the goodness in themselves. With this information, it may seem apparent to some for the re-election of our dedicated Mayor. Recent situations, however, may say otherwise…

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