How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions and Stick With It!

By: Maddy M


Now like many people, I myself struggle with keeping my New Year’s Resolution. Whether it’s to eat healthier, get more exercise or even something as simple as drink more water, most of us inevitably end up failing. The question is why? Well, it’s different for everyone, but with these following steps, your goal is one step closer to becoming achievable.

Step 1: Set A Reasonable Goal.
In the moment, it may seem like a great idea to say that you’re gonna go for a 5 kilometer run every day in the New Year even though the most you’ve ran in your life is five minutes. The key is to set realistic goals and adjust them over time. Start with running and walking intervals for 1 kilometer until you get better. It’s just about patience and knowing your limits. If you set a goal that is unattainable, you’re bound to get upset and quit when you realize your goal was dumb.

Step 2: Believe You Can!
If you start a resolution with a negative mindset, chances are you’re not going to enjoy the road there, and it probably won’t last very long. If you believe you can do it and have a positive mindset, you are already on the ball.

Step 3: Get Inspired.
Motivation and inspiration are another super important part of making sure your resolution turns out. If you find pictures, ideas or hear about other people’s success then it will motivate you to do even better! Now while spite isn’t a really good motive, it can sometimes work. For example, The last time you were at the dentist, the hygienist made you cry because she kept insulting your teeth. Now you floss just to spite her and end up having awesome oral hygiene. Whatever works for you is what will help you succeed.

Step 4: Help Yourself Reach This Goal.
If you want to drink more water, then make to easier on yourself by planning ahead. If you know you will forget to drink, set reminders every so often so you remember. If you are constantly having to go to the water fountain, then remember to bring a water bottle. Things that can make your road to achievement easier, will also help you actually accomplish stuff.

Step 5: Realize That Failure Is OK.
Now sometimes it doesn’t exactly work out in the end and that’s totally normal! We have to learn from our mistakes so that next time we can fix them. If you fail, the important thing to remember is to just start again. Don’t wait until next January to start! Start immediately and keep trying until you see the outcome you want. It will for sure be worth all the hard work.

Now even though the going may get tough, it’s important to not give up and realize that setting goals doesn’t need to be so hard! You just have to know how to follow through.


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