Trump Becomes Official President of United States


Ohm S.

Electors gathered in Washington on Monday, December 19 to make Donald J. Trump the official 45th president of the United States of America. The electors completed the formal process and voted trump in with a final tally of 304-227 in favor of Trump. The prelude to the electoral process was riddled with petitions and theories of changing the results but the end result stayed the same since the election on November 3rd.

Trump’s campaign was riddled with controversy and speculation after winning the election, with people taking to the streets to protest the presidency that was to come. The fact that he had won the electoral college without the popular vote had many citizens displeased and calling for recounts, with one petition gaining over four million signatures from people who disapproved of Trump winning the white house. Several popular celebrities such as Beyonce and many popular content creators also stepped up to encourage their followers to stand up against Trump and express their views. Many supporters of other parties were also hopeful that the electors from the college would change their vote and swing the presidency towards Hillary Clinton. However, when the electors met, Hillary was actually the one to lose more seats, losing 5 votes to Trump’s 2. The odds of the results changing were unlikely, but still possible which was the reason people had not fully accepted Trump as president yet but now that he is officially president, many citizens have begun to embrace reality and face the truth.


Trump however, does not take power until January when he officially takes the oath and swears in. Obama shall stay in power until then and Joe Biden will as well. One month after the results of the election, prices of nearly everything have gone down and the economy has not exactly flourished either. Trump has started to appoint his cabinet, with the most notable being the author of “death by China” as his foreign trade minister. Unfortunately for opposers, Trump’s plans are still going strong to build the wall on the crime stricken border of the United States and Mexico. Trump continues to give insights about his policies of economics, foreign trade and job creation to unwelcome reception by the people, but the chances of him changing things are very high as the senate, house and the president are all republican at this point.


I mean, the main argument people have against Trump winning the presidency is that he didn’t win the popular vote. Now you can keep going on about how the system is broken but these are also the same people that praise this very system when it does work. For the 4th time in history, the candidate who did not win the popular vote has taken the white house but we need to realize that Trump actually has no say in the system. The real thing to blame here is the electoral college for still existing because any system that allows losers to win especially during an election should not even be there in the first place.


To conclude, Trump is now the president and whether you support him or not, he is the commander in chief of the largest country in the world so for now all we can really do is see what the future and the government have in store for us.



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