Netflix Adds Download Feature to Watch Content Online

Netflix recently updated their mobile app for iOS and Android allowing users to download movies and TV shows to watch offline. This was a surprise move from the company, who stated in the past that it was Never going to happen. In a press release on November 30th, the company said Netflix members worldwide can now download in addition to stream great series and films at no extra cost, and The new feature is included in all plans and available for phones and tablets on Android and iOS. For Netflix fans this is a huge feature and allows viewers to binge watch whenever they want, wherever they want, without using cell phone data.

This could also make a big difference for people who have spotty or no n-existent internet at home, allowing them to download from somewhere convenient when they have the chance, so they can watch what they want later. Also, downloading a video uses much less data then streaming because the video is bundled into a file, rather then streamed raw to the device.

For now, Netflix is only putting up select series for download, but the selection is good. It includes all the Netflix original series, plus a few notable TV series like The Office, Parks and Recreation, Breaking Bad, Making of a Murder, and all the Star Trek series.


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