5 simple card games to do instead of being anti social..


By: Kaylea B.


Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 9.31.35 AM.png

Spoons(recommended 3-7 players):

You start by dealing out 4 cards to each player  then the dealer starts with the rest of the card and picks one at a time as fast or slow as they want and you pass the cards around clockwise and a while doing this you can trade them out so you can get 4 of the same number.

Kemps (recommended 2-4 pairs):

You are work in groups of 2 and you start by dealing out 4 cards to each player  then in the middle of all the players place 4 cards and once all of them are down you collect the cards you want to make 4 of a kind and after the cards are not touched for more than 10 seconds you put them a side and grab a new 4 cards for the rest of the deck until someone gets 4 of the same number they signal to their partner and the pattern has to say kemps but it another person pick up on the signal they can say aconter kemps. And you can get double the point if you and your partner has four of the same number and you call double kemps

Slap jack(recommended 3-7 players) :

You start by dealing out the deck of card and keep the cards face down and you flip card into a pile while doing that you count Ace-Kingwell each player in putting down the cards and if anyone says the same number they put down you slap the pile and you also slap if it is doubles or a jack and the winner is who every has the least amount of cards

3,6,9 (recommended 3-7 players):

This game you want to spread the cards in a circle and you flip the card and put it in a pile and if is a 3,6 or 9 you slap and whoever gets the lease cards wins.

Crazy eights (recommended 2-5 players):

You start by dealing out 5 card to each player and then flip a card in the middle and you try to match your card in any way and if you can’t you pick up the card if it can match by suit or number you can place it if it doesn’t you keep the card and it’s the next person’s turn. 8 are wild card and you can place them on any number or suit and you can change the suit on the deck. And then you once you get rid of all your cards your card you go pick up 4 card, then 3,2,1 when you pick up one and get rid of it you win.

President (bus i style) (recommended 3-6 players)

In this type of president suits don’t matter. You deal out all the cards and you want to get rid of all your card the per who has 3 of clubs start they play it and then you can you the same number or one higher and to and jokers are wild and clear the pile so does the king of hearts on singles and you can only play singles on single and doubles on doubles and triples on triples and quadruples on quadruples.


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