10 Most Unusual and Inexplicable Spaces in Westmount



By Natalie

Our school has a lot wrong with it. From missing a roof to being built like a prison (in more ways than one), there’s a lot of quirky happenings you may just find when you look closely enough. Here are some top 10 things that are the most mysterious or hidden things in our building.

  • The Art Studio

Though not a secret, per say, this room is cultivated solely for the artsy grade 12s in their last year here – no wonder that the atmosphere is pretty chill and homey. You can usually find at least one member of the egg congregation specifically here at any one time, lurking in the ambient atmosphere and hiding from the rest of the school.

  • The Garage Behind the Band Room

If you’re not in band, specifically percussion, this room may comes as a big surprise – Big being the key. This surprisingly large room is currently just a storage space filled with dust, tables and random classroom apparatuses (and is freezing), but it’s interesting to know that the big doors on the back of the building actually open into somewhere!

  • The Room Beside the Instrument Shelves in the Band Room

This space is a bit creepy, since it’s barely big enough to fit in, and even with the light is still pretty dim. Filled with paper, nails, music folders and other paraphenalia, a long shelf stretches along the left wall, leaving only just enough room for your body to squeeze along.

  • The Door Under the Office Staircase

This small crawl space currently serves no apparent purpose, and begs the question, derived from our school’s questionable components: What WAS stored there, and what could we manage to  stuff in there…

  • Mr. Byron’s class

Even people who have been in Byron’s class still don’t really know what goes on in Byron’s class. It’s not so much the classroom that’s the mystery rather than the man running(?) it.

  • The Strange Pump/Wheel By The Door At The Top Of The West Stairwell

Next time you complete the arduous and slow process of climbing up to the 3rd floor on this staircase, look up, just outside the door… Your guess is as good as mine as to why it’s there of all places.

  • The Secret Stairwell By the Sunshine Room

Though again, not technically secret, this stairwell seems to have fallen out of the mind’s eye, at least from the high school kids (except the grade twelvers). This dim staircase has both a door to outside near the sunshine and a door on to the roof.

  • Jeremy

Only Band kids will get this. What does Jeremy really think? What is Jeremy made of? Is here secretly singing along with us?

  • The Roof (the part that wasn’t blown off)

What IS really going on up there? I mean, it didn’t ALL blow off. What else is there? What sort of levels are there? Is there secretly some sort of dragon beast up there that preys on the mental health of us all, and that’s what really took off the roof?

  • Our headspaces

Definitely the strangest listed, we are completely unsure what is happening here. The unstable surface of this platform is unpredictable and often fails or collapses beneath us, but we’ll always make it safely across eventually. We sometimes just need a hand to hold to help us keep our balance until we reach the other side.


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