Passengers Movie Review

By: Katie K.

Welcome to the Avalon, an intergalactic vessel containing 5,000 passengers and 258 crew members. On board we focus on Jim Preston and Aurora Lane. We meet Jim as a regular joe and soon realize he’s the only one awake on the ship. After a year of solitude, Aurora Lane, an author, wakes.

In this sci-fi meets romance with a dash of comedy, we lose ourselves in the mess of the love story of Jim and Aurora. Their chaotic experiences may be unrealistic and very conveniently timed, but they do enhance the story by adding in another element, almost like a sub-plot. They make it much more interesting and unlike a lot of other current films, this one incorporates humour and romance much like the classics such as Star Trek used to.

When you add Jennifer Lawrence’s incredible acting and Chris Pratt’s dashing good looks, it can equate to nothing other than remarkable, however, when Morten Tyldum allows such a plot progression as this one, we begin to question the math. As always, you can never have a perfect movie (although I, personally, would argue Airbud), and I understand that, so with the good comes the bad. The main problem is that the plot moves quite quickly and it feels as though that there is only a little bit of rising action combined with a lot of climax and no falling action simply dropping off to the conclusion. This gives the movie a rather King Kong type plot of the up and up and up again. This also leaves the audience with a thrill early on in the climax and by the end of all these exciting events we feel more drained than if these were either spread out more or some even removed entirely.

This movie begs questions about our own strong principles for all of us, such as “Would you have gotten on the Avalon?”. It gives us moral ambiguity as we think more and more about what we would do in Jim’s situation. It becomes a moral dilemma that you can contemplate or discuss on the drive home.

Overall, it may have been predictable, but it still was an interesting story. I would give this movie an 8/10 for its ability to bring up emotions excellently and just enveloping people into the story. I would absolutely recommend this if you are looking for something thought provoking or just a thrill, but if what you seek is more Nolanesque, then I would suggest looking elsewhere because this would disappoint.


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