How to Throw the Best New Years Party on a Budget


By Hannah E

When it comes to parties, you have to have pizzazz. You need to be able to entertain all of your guests, I know, sounds hard but it is not impossible. New years parties are probably one of the hardest parties to throw. These twelve steps will lead you to you having the best holiday party on a budget.

  1. Make some homemade decorations to add a touch of you own design to your party
  2. Keep your Christmas decorations up, things like your lights and Christmas tree for a festive feel, it will make people feel more at home
  3. Make sure your venue is clean, spotless clean
  4. Remember to invite only your close friends and family, do not invite someone you aren’t very close with, your guests might feel a tad uncomfortable with some they are not familiar with there
  5. Make sure you invite enough people to fill your venue, if it is too full people will get uncomfortable, if there is not enough people, everyone will think there is no point in stay and will leave before the fun gets started
  6. Remember to make the party run to late, the best part of it is the count down to the new year, but also the party does not need to run until five in the morning
  7. One of the most important things is the food and drink options, get your guests opinions on what they would prefer, also remember to add a touch of holiday foods and drinks, like decorated sugar cookies and eggnog. Make more food then you think you will need, the more the better, prepare ahead. Remember table wear.
  8. Something that will grab your guests attention is a nicely put together invitation, holiday themed particularly green and red, it will sent the mood for the party
  9. Play some music, do not make it to loud and remember to make it simple just to get the buzz going, a silent party is not a fun party
  10. Something to consider is the budget, set one and do not go out of it, you do not want to bust the bank on this (Extra tip: go to the dollar store, there are a lot of nice decorations and cheap food that you could purchase)
  11. Something that guests would love to have is a photo booth. Make homemade props and have a place where they can step their personal phone or camera, it will be a hit, brainstorm more fun ideas like this to keep your guests interested and occupied
  12. Lastly, remember to have fun, do not stress about keeping your guests entertain, it will come naturally if you only invite your close friends and family

Follow these steps and you are bound to have a great time on new years. Being surrounded by family and friends will make it that much better. Enjoy your rocking new years party!


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