Every North American LCS Team in A Nutshell

By Winston C.


In preparation for the new split in 2017 for the League of Legends Championship Series, we should take a time to step back and remember the hilarious moments or awe-inspiring plays that each team have delivered. Every team will be summarized, mostly stereotyped so you get the jist of what each team is like. Then you would know how they will perform in the future.

Team SoloMid


Team SoloMid is like Calgary weather, you never know what will happen next and most of the time, it will disappoint you. Indeed, they have an amazing roster and can perform like a god-tier team but most of the time, they will throw their lead and lose. Then because of their loss or losses, they tilt for eternity until the next split. Once next split, usually summer split, they magically become gods from another realm and dominate the entire game. Then once you gain hope that TSM made a comeback, they then disappoint every single person with their performance at Worlds. TSM is like an amazing movie only to leave you with a sour taste in your mouth and a cliffhanger so bad that you want to refund your ticket.

Team Liquid


If it is not fourth place, it’s a victory.

Cloud 9/Cloud 9 Challenger


Cloud 9 will always perform adequately because they have an amazing ensemble of unique players. They usually end up top three or top five at the end of the split which is respectable. Cloud 9 is always the team with the dankest of memes and jokes. So even if they fail miserably, we will always get some next level jokes to laugh and grin about throughout the year. It’s all about winning the hearts of fans and making memes. They are a literal meme machine. Cloud 9 Challenger sold their spot to the Milwaukee Bucks for $2.5 million so I’m interested to see what will happen.

Team Dignitas


Team Dignitas has a talent at throwing every possible lead they can get and choke in the late game. Their famous strategic maneuvers will probably lead them straight to last place. Anyways, it’s in the name! DigniTOSS.

Echo Fox


Who?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



They were the only ones who were able to defeat the juggernauts,Team SoloMid during Summer Split 2016. I expect them to do the same by using their clown fiesta solo queue tactics. It was surprisingly effective. Unfortunately this probably the only fame they’ll ever get. They will probably be nonexistent for the entire split and float slowly but surely down to last place.



Immortals had a good run but burnt out immediately when a few minor problems become major ones. They were new to LCS and brought in famous players. Who knows why they started performing horrendously. Unfortunately, it costed their chances of winning. In ways they’re like Team SoloMid. They pushed themselves too hard and they just ended up beating themselves in the later weeks of the split. A lot of people thought they would be the ones who would beat TSM but their disappointing plays left everyone going, “that’s it?” They had a lot of star players but something just didn’t meld well, leaving cracks that turned into a timebomb.



They’re a fine team when it comes to other games but when it comes to League of Legends, they are a middle-of-the-pack team and they don’t really have anything memorable about them. They’re just average.

Counter Logic Gaming


Every competitive sport or game has a rivalry. Counter Logic Gaming is a huge rival of Team SoloMid and this rivalry has been going on for quite some time. CLG is a very consistent team and has a respectable roster. Majority of the time, they are always able to make it to top five or top three. They have the ability to beat TSM but it’s not consistent. If you hate TSM, you most likely like Counter Logic Gaming. The most important thing is seeing CLG pit up against TSM at finals.


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