How the Canadian government is not doing enough to deal with the drug crisis.

By Benjamin.G

Fentanyl;his drug has been sweeping through Canada and parts of the United states like a scythe, killing hundreds every year. In the past years, starting in Mid-2015, there has been a massive spike in fentanyl overdoses, resulting in countless deaths. Fentanyl is an extremely powerful drug, capable of giving a person a heroin-like euphoria with only mass equivalent to a salt grain, while 2 grains worth of Fentanyl could kill a person. The drug started to become popular in 2015, as there were large spikes in fentanyl drug production in the States and Canada. The Fentanyl epidemic spread to Alberta and BC a while ago, claiming 505 people in BC in 2015, and 488 deaths so far this year. Fentanyl also has claimed hundreds of lives in Calgary and Alberta as well, due to the drug become more prominent on the streets. Despite this massive epidemic, the Federal government is doing next to nothing to help local authorities deal with this national threat.

            Fentanyl is a deadly drug, possessing 100 times the potency of morphine as a painkiller. Fentanyl was used in painkillers for anesthesia, but now the drug has shown its true face. Since the drug is so potent in small amounts, it has also been laced into lesser drugs like Cocaine, Meth, and soon-to-be legal marijuana, leading to the instantaneous deaths of drug addicts that still had a chance. The most concerning thing of all of this is the fact that the death toll continues to rise, and no decisive action is taken. Nearly two thousand people have died in the past two years purely from fentanyl. The Trudeau government has sent next to no aid to BC and Alberta in terms of funding. All the appeals to the federal government to implement harsher laws have not been addressed or carried out effectively. The municipal and provincial government both do not have the medical capacity to save all the overdosed people nor the police force to take down production. “I am smarter than they are,” stated a fentanyl chemist, claiming that the industry was many steps ahead in terms of police evasion.

With such a crisis, the local government does not have the capacity to deal with such a threat. In terms of seriousness, this issue cannot be overlooked. Fentanyl has also been prominent all over Canada and parts of the United States, not just the western provinces. The RCMP has even made a deal with China to coordinate efforts to stop fentanyl production in China, which is then being shipped illegally to Canada. Up to this point, no significant help has been received from the federal government. Of course, there could be many reasons why the Canadian government could not address this issue, there could be more pressing matters at hand, but this drug epidemic is too large to ignore and


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