Pokemon Sun and Moon Review

By Isaac B.

Within the first few moments of starting this new entry of Pokémon I discover things are very different in the land of catch-em-all. For starters, the game takes place in the Alola region, across four islands in total. This new area is pretty much an allegory of Hawaii, where every inhabitant exhibits a wonderfully relaxed attitude that creates a nice sense of calm across your adventure.

The visuals are quite impressive and I really love the camera angles and the new Pokémon that come with each entry can often prove divisive. Thankfully, the entries this time around are the best they’ve been in many years, primarily because they feel like they’ve been inspired by the games Red and Blue. Many have brilliant design and have some excellent new abilities which really vary up the combat. Some, in fact, are so adorable I genuinely felt bad at times beating the snot out of them in random battles.

On the subject of battles, while on the surface it can be very simplistic, the more you battle, the more layers reveal themselves to you. A new feature which has been added means that, once you’ve battled a Pokémon once, all its strengths and weaknesses to every type are detailed for you in your own Pokémon’s move list in the bottom screen. Handy as this sounds, it’s arguably the biggest flaw in the new game, as it takes away one of the most fun learning experiences of the series, but now everything is known after the first encounter. But there’s still plenty to sink your teeth into thanks to the brilliant new Battle Royale mode.

Battle Royale sees four players choose three Pokémon to take place in a battle. Each player summons one Pokémon at a time and all four fight each other at once. Analysing the strengths and weaknesses of the three other Pokémon in play against your own, and how much health each has. This mode provides some of the most thrilling competition in the series. The only issue is that while in battle royale mode the game takes a while to load.

Pokémon Sun and Moon prove that with steady innovation an old dog can certainly learn new tricks. The developers should be applauded for being consistently brave in making changes to the series that appease both newcomers and series veterans alike.

With so many new things to do as well as a whole new journey to embark upon, this is an excellent game and one that no fan should miss.


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