Money Spent Mobile Black Friday Shopping Surpasses $1 Billion


Image result for black friday 2016

By: Felix G

Another year, another black friday. The intense sales across north america was a focus for many many people but this year there was the most mobile sales ever.l The money spent on black friday was $1.2 billion from both tablets and phones, the first time it has ever crossed the $1 billion line. Even though that’s only 36% of the overall money spent on this particular Black Friday.

This has a real showing of how our society is really focused on mobile devices. I think that these mobile purchases are also a result of people seeing all these disasters in the rising into the stores, and how crazed some people are to get those sweet deals. Also, who wants to wait for days shivering out in the cold November weather. Ordering from home would be much more comfortable for the buyer, even though you might run into technical problems, like the site crashing from the overload of fellow online shoppers. That wouldn’t be as big as a risk as the risks of going to the mall on black friday, particularly in America.

This statistic came from adobe, and has been confirmed by many different corporations, like target reports that 60% its online sales were from mobile, the same for Walmart, except 70% of online sales were from mobile. This shows how mobile devices are really becoming a big part in our society, as the convenience of the people having devices to take with them everywhere they go is trumping the stationary aspects of computers. All the websites these days are mobile friendly, and mostly everyone has a mobile device these days.


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