Fidel Castro Dead at 90


Ohm S.

Fidel Castro, Cuban revolutionary and prime minister was reported dead at the age of 90 on November 25, 2016. Cuban government announced the death of the leader over state television but refused to provide details. Castro was the second longest living leader in the world who had maintained power, second to only the queen of England. Castro had brought the US to the brink of nuclear war and conflict amongst many things in his spanning lifetime. The death came 8 years after he had resigned and relinquished power to his brother and trusted confidant, Raúl Castro.

Fidel had been previously diagnosed with some illnesses that required him to appoint his brother in charge. These serious illnesses are what many medical professionals believe caused his death. His agenda for the continuation of his revolution that he so prudently began in 1959 has now been passed down to his brother who plans to resign in 2018. This means that the people of Cuba will see a new leader to the government that has been run by the same people and family for nearly 6 decades will change in a matter of just a few years. This could help the people of Cuba elect a new leader that they feel will either continue to represent or embody new values of the Cuban people.

People of the world took this passing in many different ways and expressed their feelings through social media. Many people expressed joy in the death of the leader who they believed was self obsessed and did not represent the people of his country. Others felt grief for the loss of a revolutionary leader who helped shape the country that Cuba is today. This loss earned reactions from popular celebrities such as cuban officials who were happy to see that “the monster who had ruled for so long” was finally gone. Even the white house had its flag at half mast to honour the leader, which drew criticism from many anti Castro citizens.

Amongst all of the perspectives about his death, Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump were making headlines due to their contrasting views about the former president. Trudeau expressed his appreciation for the leader and his commitment and dedication to the people he served for. Trump on the other hand, also expressed appreciation, but expressed it in pleasure that he was dead, rather than appreciating the life of the leader. Calling Castro a brutal dictator, he expressed happiness for the departure of the leader. He issued a tweet that said “Fidel Castro is dead!” The tweet has officials concerned about what ties with cuba will look like after the manner in which trump acknowledged the death.


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