A Feasible List of Things to Do Instead of Your Homework

By: Fungnam N


Tsk, tsk, says stock photo Santa once he realizes you haven’t handed in any of your assignments.

The clock strikes 11 and you still haven’t started any of your homework. You don’t exactly have a reason why; maybe it was because you had a legitimate excuse, such as your parents were taken hostage by angry An-Caps, or maybe not. No matter, because you now have a choice: a) actually take on the responsibilities of education and do your homework, or b) do quite literally anything else. If you choose the latter route, the only thing I must say is: shame. Shame. Shame.

Anyways, now that you’ve chosen the self-inflicted path to destruction, there are but many ways to find time well wasted in the hours until school actually begins.


Preparation Time – Variable.

Energy Exerted – ¿It’s sleep?

While not exactly a time-waster, multiple studies show that adolescents need around 9 or more hours of sleep each night. Reaching that recommendation helps you perform better in sports, school, and be a more amiable person in general. Unfortunately, most adolescents only sleep about 7 hours, or even less. By the time it’s reached midnight, it’ll be far too late for those sacred 9 hours, but at least some sleep is better than none.


Preparation Time – Minimal.

Energy Exerted – Minimal, may require shuffling about to get internet-browsing device(s).

Possibly the most obvious, as long as your internet doesn’t cut out. The internet is a diverse place, and you’re bound to find something worth your time. Memes, Youtube videos, stalking people on your social media platform of choice, starting anon flame wars, you name it. Seriously, you could be doing anything.


Preparation Time – Requires finding an appropriate film or show, collecting snacks, and getting comfy.

Energy Exerted – Minimal, requires collecting snacks and streaming device.

Netflix will almost always have a TV show that you will proceed to waste several dozen hours on, so prepare your blankets and your late night snacks. If Netflix is too costly, or your one friend who does have Netflix is a heartless monster who won’t share their account, illegally streaming or downloading films/shows is always a viable option. Go on, watch all twelve seasons of Whose Line. Do it.


The hero we deserve. Source: Whose Line Is It Anyway? Season 7, Ep. 12


Preparation Time – Absolutely none.

Energy Exerted – See above.

No matter how hard you try, you just can’t fall asleep. You’ve tried all of the other ideas above, but nothing catches your interest, or maybe, you’re procrastinating on your procrastinating by not doing any of the above ideas. You don’t have anything to do (or you’re too terrible at everything you do to find joy in doing them) and so you should resort to lying awake in bed, blank eyes fixed on the ceiling while contemplating whether or not handing in that assignment is worth it. Psst, it probably is, but for the sake of making you feel a bit better about not doing it, we’ll just say it isn’t.


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