5 Rules of Success For This School Year


By: Maddy D.

Its been three months since the school year has started and it is no secret students are getting unorganized and worried about exams as the term comes to an end. Here is a collection of five of the best ways to sky rocket your grades in the next month and a half!

imgres-1.jpg#1 Colour coat

Colour coating is a great way to keep so many of your school supplies and assignments together and in one distinct place. You can use colour coating in any format, from separating subjects and notes in a binder to organizing pictures on your laptop.

#2 Keep a schedule

As your weeks get more and more crowded with due dates you will not be able to cram deadlines into your head. Use something more tangible like a daytimer or a journal with you so you can visualize your assignments and create plans for how and when you can get them done.

#3 Take breaks

Studying for long periods of time can be strenuous. Work on reviewing for your exams weeks prior to avoid stuffing your head full of information the night before. Study for small amounts at a time and take breaks in-between. Some ideas for these breaks are things such as going for a walk or refilling a water bottle, try to avoid going on technology as physical activity has been proven to help you absorb information.

#4 Ask for help

If you’re struggling with a concept never be afraid to ask a teacher or peer for help. Interacting with other people not only helps you solve questions you may have but saying your thoughts aloud helps you to make brilliant observations.

#5 Reward yourself

After a long day of studying or note taking its vital to relax and treat yourself. Allow yourself to watch a favourite show of yours or go out somewhere special for dinner. It is important to remind yourself that you deserve a reward after a long day of work.


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