Walking Dead Season 7: Five Most Likely to Die

By: Grayson R


If any of you walking dead fans are out there, you all know that the walking dead season 7 premiere is airing on October 23 and many are anticipating how the next season will turn out. The TV series thriller has been on air since October 31, 2010 produced by AMC. Still to this day the show is aired on AMC and can be found on netflix with seasons up to 6. I highly suggest you check it out as it has one of the highest ratings of TV shows in 2016. With months of waiting we have finally arrived to the week of the premiere and are desperately wanting to know who the survivors are for this hectic zombie show.


The favourite ginger in the series has been due for a death and is most likely to be expected to shed some blood in season 7. Especially after he broke Rosita’s heart and suffered some short lived questions about “what is life”. Although he seems fitted for a death, he might be spared because there was a new budding romance between him and Sasha, so if he is your favourite, don’t be doubtful.


Daryl has been on the show for some amount of years now and he has been an essential part of the Grimes gang, being one of the best zombie executioners, loyal, and with his intense not giving a single care in the world attitude, it might extend his journey a little longer. This has kept him on the show for the most part but the thing is everyone is getting pretty damn good at slaying zombies and Daryl’s part in the show may not be needed as much, especially considering he’s not even part of the comics, he’s a made up character that the writers put in. The only reason he would stay is because of how popular he is with fans and they would go ballistic if something happened to Daryl.


If the show producers are looking to really freak out the viewers while keeping the story connected to the comics, Maggie would be on the chopping block for the season 7 premiere. Killing off a pregnant women would be very horrific even for the walking dead’s standards, which might be the reason why she would stay. The thing is that Maggie was at death’s door last time we saw her so we can’t rule her out of the equation.


Michonne is a character at which her state in the show is in deep crisis, the odds are almost completely stacked against her. First, the walking dead has a bit of a bad habit of killing off the black characters so that puts her at risk. Also, she is dating Rick Grimes which historically speaking puts her right in the open for a visit with the grimm reaper. Let’s hope that the writers will consider the fact that she is a fan favourite.


Back in season 6 Glenn was definitely in for a death by baseball bat. In the comics Glenn died from getting beaten to death by Negan and the show is highly likely to follow suit. Come the premiere everybody is expecting Glenn to die, which is exactly why they might not release him from the show, because everyone knows how those writers love to twist up the story.

Dead After Season 7 Premiere
Glenn Rhee


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