Uber, Comeback Back to Cowtown

By: Hannah E. Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 8.48.18 AM.png

Uber recently made a comeback to Calgary after having confrontation with Mayor Naheed Nenshi about bylaws involving share-ride. In February 2016 City Council told Uber to like the rules or leave, they chose to leave and shocked the city’s population. The young population is ecstatic about the return of the famous name.

The city has passed a new bylaw with the details of a new licence fee system for transportation network companies such as Uber. The changes are designed to bring back companies like this after bylaws passed in February drove them away. Taxi drivers in the city seem to be mad about this being passed, possibly because of the threat the Uber could cause to business. People like Ginger Greenwood show their worries about this “I found out about this on Tuesday (Oct 18). That’s just insane.” During Thursday’s (Oct 20) meeting, Enders told city officials the industry was “caught off-guard” and felt “blindsided.”

Public safety concerns were released about such issues like vehicle inspections and insurance, this lead to the city going to court to stop Uber drivers. After a debate the council decided to approve a bylaw that allowed companies like Uber to operate in the city. It did require for the drivers to pay two-hundred-twenty dollar licence fee and get their vehicle checked annual as well as a criminal check by the Calgary Police District. Uber called the rules cost prohibitive, as they were too much for most drivers to pay.

These laws were passed for companies of all sizes and success to operate in time for the Christmas season. A lot of local companies to agree with the statement of “companies of all sizes” because Uber is so well known, compared to local companies like TappCar. Others agree that is it the wrong time for Calgary to be making changes for US based companies based on our economic stability. Things like “we need to promote Calgary/Alberta based companies that create jobs for local people,” also stating that this will have a negative impact on the job market.


In conclusion, Uber returning to Calgary could have a positive affect amoug the people. Others are worried about the job market, which the council should put into consideration.


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