Trump Sexual Assault Allegations


By: Katie K.

Donald Trump, one of the U.S presidential candidates, has recently been accused of sexual assault by multiple women.  Most people have at least a brief knowledge of Trump’s past as a womanizer and a misogynist, so it was shocking to hear that the sexual assault allegations against him had only been taken seriously and had started to be looked into since Friday, October 15th. One might ask: “Why is this a big deal?” As a citizen of the world (of a democracy?), you should be concerned. The fact that this is something even being talked about is unbelievable coming from a candidate who could possibly run America, one of the biggest powers in the world.

There have been multiple women come forward and say that Trump has inappropriately touched them or sexualized them without consent. recently, but this has been happening throughout his entire career. Considering what kind of role model the president can be “it is embarrassing that such a man like [this] would be given the opportunity to run for such a high position of power. What are we teaching children? A person who represents an entire nation cannot possibly be convicted of such crime?”

“I think that it is a complete violation against women. It would be a terrible thing to have a country with such a terrible president who disrespect[s] women to such an extent. Sexual harassment is nothing to be taken lightly and anyone who would brag about it is obviously just not fit to be the president of any country.” Which is also an opinion of many other Americans, so how is he so popular?

Donald Trump utilizes xenophobia–against ISIS and Mexicans–and gives people a false sense of security to persuade them to vote for him. This, of course, is not as true as Trump says it is; he can provide an amount of safety, and ISIS is absolutely a problem that Western society needs to solve it.  The way to do this, however, is not to outlaw all Islamic and Hispanic people. Trump is not only giving false hope but is also giving false information such as which is harming his campaign and the nation as a whole.

Trump is a person who should not be in power, not only because of the accusations against him, which is reason enough on its own, but because he would hurt the country in a way that could irreparable. The fact that even one woman has come forward, let alone at least ten, is enough to debunk his whole campaign; Trump’s campaign allowing for that false sense of security, however, is what is keeping him in popularity.


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