Top 5 Quick and Simple DIY Halloween Costumes


By: Maya K.

Have you ever found yourself waking up the morning of halloween and realising that you forgot to come up with a costume? Frantically running around your house trying to find a pail of cat ears or devil horns, in order to have some sort of costume to last you the entire day. Don’t worry, because Westmount Wire has got you covered with five brilliant costumes that will take you no time to get ready.
#1: Taco Belle: This is a simple costume that can be made with a bright yellow dress, a book, and a box of tacos. Not only is this costume really simple, but you will also have a box of tacos at the end of the night to eat with or without your friends, yum!
#2: Formal Apology: A personal favourite, punny costume, that requires essentially no effort. All you need is a fancy suit, or some form of formal wear and a name tag. On the name tag make sure you write something along the lines of “I’m Sorry”. After two simple steps, you’ve got yourself a super cute and quick costume.
#3: Bee-yonce: If you want to be a bit more ‘current’, this costume is a great and funny way to go. All you will need is yellow and black clothing, a stinger made out of tape or construction paper, and a headband with two pipe cleaners with pom-poms at the end (or a bee costume), as well as a cardboard cut out of the word “YONCE” in gold. This costume will take more time than the others, but people’s’ reaction will definitely be worth it!
#4: Garden Gnome: All you need for this cute costume is a sheet of red felt (twisted into a pointy, cone-like hat), a blue shirt, and dark jeans. This is such a quick and fun DIY costume to make, and you can add an extra twist to it with a white felt beard!
#5: Jellyfish: This DIY costume is so much fun to make, and is so cute! To make this costume you need an umbrella (preferably clear), streamers (in blue and purple colours), and a colourful outfit! Attach the streamers to your umbrella, and you will be the cutest fish in the sea, or at least at this party!
These costumes are good examples of what you could make the night before, and will make your life so much simpler.


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