The Future Of Technology – Will It Be Our Demise?

By Winston C.

Technology has advanced immensely over the years. We have used technology so much, if we go a day without it, it might feel unnatural for many people. At the moment, with the technology we use, it seems like these can only be functioned with a human controlling or supervising. The scary part is, our technology is advancing extremely quickly. It is for certain that we will reach a point where our technology is strong enough to function independently. Would self-reliant technology be a good thing or be the conclusion of our curiosity and our end? The main problem is how accessible this newly advanced technology will be. Having a large amount of people being able to have their hands on future technology is scary as not everyone has the same beliefs or ideology. Some could use it as a way to connect with others and create a peaceful and balanced world or some could use it for their own agenda and establish dominance on the weak.

It is human nature to destroy or be selfish. It has been in our consciousness for many ages. You may think you are not one of these people but it is locked deep inside our mind. We as people will always believe in peace or the balance of the world but we will always come with excuses to cause destruction, either small or big. With future technology it just makes our need to destroy a lot simpler. The military will immediately snatch up future technology. It is obvious they will find excuses to use these tools to satisfy themselves and to also have their power increased. If you found something new that you want to try out, you will! Once a military power finds new means of destruction they will use it immediately. In the beginning people will always try to act responsible. We will all believe that the future technology we will eventually acquire will only be used to help people. As I’ve said, behind this responsibility, we will find an excuse to use it to destroy. If technology is in the wrong hands, it will be abused.

Future technology won’t be a distant idea any longer. The people of this very world, need to be prepared with how we will treat these technologies. If we don’t come up with a plan, then this will truly be our demise. We created more advanced technology to help us advance into the future to only drown us in our corrupted ambitions. The future looks dark since we will never know who will control these technologies. Whoever it is, it better be someone who can trusted and will use technology only for the good of the people.


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