The Creepy Clown Sensation

-Benjamin. G

As Halloween draws near, there has been a strange phenomenon occurring All over North America. A very strange sensation seems to be overcoming the nation: random people dressing up as Creepy Clowns. Many speculate that this is a social media trend or “meme” gone out of hand, but the origin still remains a mystery. As in the days leading up to Halloween, there have been many sightings of these strange people dressed as clowns lurking on the streets and around public places. This has caused widespread confusion, and not to surprisingly, fear, to follow in suit of these sightings. Police have been involved on several occasions on fears of abduction or assault. Though there has not been any injury involved so far, we can only speculate on what is to come.

There have been several cases of people seeing clowns just standing in random places, sometimes approaching people, but usually just standing there, creeping. There have been a few incidents where alleged clowns chased and grabbed at people, some even jumping in front of cars, though none were hurt. For example, only recently in Quebec, Canada, 2 people dressed up as clowns reportedly followed two girls home. After taking pictures and posting them on Facebook, their mother called police. These sightings have occurred all over North America, from Mississippi to Alberta. All of the sighted people are usually dressed up in clown suits, and sometimes armed with a meat cleaver or other classical horror movie weapon. Although no assaults have been confirmed, many instances had police involved in arresting these people for concerns for public safety. The arrests mainly occurred when clown sightings appeared in school districts, as they would be thought to endanger the students. Many counties and public school districts have moved to ban these clown suits in fear of these masked jesters kidnaping children under the guise of a Halloween Costumes. The Fort McMurray has public school districts have banned all of these clown suits after unidentified clowns were spotted in a school campus. A county in Mississippi has also banned the suits after making several arrests of these perpetrators. Parents are also very concerned for their children’s safety in their Trick-or-treating.

As this peculiar phenomenon is plaguing our country, one cannot help but ask where this originated. Many speculate this started as a normal Halloween-esque Internet trend, or in other words, a “meme”. It seems that this trend just so happened to pick up popularity in the Halloween season, many people hopping on the bandwagon, as this “snowball” got larger and larger. One example of this was when a college student for the New Hampshire photo shopped a clown into a photo, then posted it online, this resulted in having his whole school district going into lockdown mode for a whole day. Many people have also been tweeting joke threats to schools and public spaces involving the clowns, ranging from stalking to outright kidnaping and killing. In Mississippi Several of the posts were seen a credible threats, contributing to previously stated arrests.

This trend also seems to be showing up in Europe as well. All over France and Germany, hooligans have also carried out similar acts, to albeit, more extreme levels. On October 24th, Germany passed a law on “killer Clown” suits after a man in one threatened passengers on a train. Similar armed clowns with knifes, baseball bats, and the occasional gun also have popped up all over France and Germany, sometimes attacking people.


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