Seven Ideas For a Unique Halloween Costume

For those fellow procrastinators scrambling for something to do.

By Natalie K.



As Halloween looms panickingly close, you might be finding yourself rushing desperately to find a costume for the spooky day. Brainstorming costumes that are cheap, quick to put together and aren’t boring or overused can be pretty tricky. Here are some creative and quick solutions to your outfit crisis:

Puns or other figures of speech.


A formal apology

Puns! We may laugh or cringe, but these costumes always turn out to be pretty amusing. Being met by a formal apology gives you a healthy dose of respect for those who think these language finicks up. At the very least, puns will bring a refreshing, memorable, and usually cheap outfit to the table. You could try it with almost any pun, though some might be easier than others. Some places to start are a social butterfly, an in-vest-ti GATOR, spice girls, cereal killer, graduated cylinder, a person of koala-tea, black mail, or something otherwise humerus.

A meme or viral sensation.


“Doot doot.”


Want to be John Cena for a day? Harambe? Your favourite pokemon? Emojis? Better yet, become a spooky scary skeleton and join the fight this Halloween. Dressing up as memes could go so many ways, but even the cringe-worthy still earn points.

A movie reference/superhero, or fictional character.


Deadpool costume


This one isn’t original, and may require a little extra effort with costumes or props, but is still a fun one. With Harley Quinn freshly entering the stage this year with the Suicide Squad, thousands of girls have been inspired to dress up as this part played by the magnificent Margot Robbie. Other players, like the Joker, are also looking pretty popular. Pick your favourite, but try to stay original, though not too obscure.

Be a random inanimate object.


A pack of crayons

One of the best ideas to fall back on, this one allows for an endless array of options that can turn out to be quite interesting. A cheesy bookmark, fries, a phone, a banana, a lightbulb; there are endless ways to get creative. Aim for something weird and common, sarcastic, or something with a story behind it. If you’re going with other people, you could try to coordinate something, like markers or crayons, types of cheeses, or a colour wheel.

A single animal or group of animals.


A small herd of deer and some hunters

With this one, if you have the energy, get really creative. Choose goofy or easily recognizable animals rather than a plain old dog. A pangolin, an axolotl, an angler fish; the stranger, the better. If you’re going out with a group of people, though, try a group of something, like a herd of deer, a waddle of penguins, or a flamboyance of flamingoes (Collective nouns can be fun).

A sports team or athlete.


If you’re a follower of sports, you probably have some personal idols you follow or some team jerseys hanging around the house somewhere. All you need to do is put on some gear or the athlete’s name or number (or the jersey), and you have an instant costume. You can go solo or get your friends to go with you as a team. Football, soccer, skiing, tennis; it all goes.

Bring out the face paint.



If on a really low budget or just wanting to test your art skills, it isn’t so bad to fall back on good ol’ makeup or face paint, though it can take some time if you want to really get into it. Never underestimate this one. You’d be amazed at how different a little can make you look. You can base it on something like someone’s face or a zombie-esque look, but even covering your face with ambiguous colours, designs, and shading will transform you into a new person – or should I say, creature.




Whatever you do, if you live in Germany, stay away from themes like this one.

One thing you should stay well away from this year if you have any aspirations of self-preservation is a clown. With the recent ‘killer clown’ sighting all over the western world, you’re likely to get yourself clobbered by angry soccer moms protecting their brood.


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