Self Lacing Kicks By Isaac B



The Nike Air Mag is one of the greatest innovations in sneaker history as it stands today. Which, more often than not, begs the question: what is this Nike MAG actually worth? Well, according to a recent auction in Hong Kong, it is a lot.

Nike held a charity auction in Hong Kong Tuesday for just one of the 89 pairs of the shoe produced globally. The shoe sold for a ridiculous $104,000 USD. This auction price won’t at all match what the shoe could go for once pairs of the 2016 edition eventually hit the secondary market.

If you were wondering how they worked; the automatic lacing system consists of two separate parts around the foot and ankle. In the lower part, the self-lacing system has a strap moving mechanism located within the sole of the shoe. It’s powered by a small motor that rotates a shaft with two gears. The gears transfer power to two belts attached to the”laces”, which tightens them. The ankle cinching system in the shoe’s upper part uses a different mechanism and would lie behind your achilles tendon. It uses a spring wrapped around a shaft that ultimately pulls on the ankle strap. The belt stays tight thanks to a locking mechanism, which is unlocked by the shoe’s control system.

The Nike Air Mags are the coolest shoe you can find on the market, not just because of the technology but also because of the design. The shoe is sleek and crazy fresh, and if you want to be the coolest guy around you got to get yourself a pair of these kicks.


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