iPhone 7 Review

By: Kaylea Barrow


The new iPhone 7 has
a few things that phone  don’t like but there are many amazing features to this new phone. One of the positives is that it can a spectacular camera, and it is extremely thin and easy to use. The main
disappointment of this phone is that you can’t use any old earbuds and that you now need to buy adapters to use them.

userThe ear bud jack was taken off this new iPhone, most people hate it because now they have to use adapters for their old ear buds, but a few don’t really care “ I am excited to not have wires to get tangled in the earphones. I think I will use the new ones more than the old ones. They should be quick and easier. ” said marie Poelman, my grandmother who recently bought the watch recently. The phone comes with earbuds but they have the same end to the apple charger so you can use that or the adapter that it comes with it. However, the removal of the jack did help give the phone have more room and thinner. So, some people believe that the removal of the headphone jack was a scheme to get more money what do you think?

According to Senior Vice President Phil Schiller, resident of worldwide marketing at Apple, this phone will likely have the best camera you will ever own. With two cameras on the back, zooming up to 10x, this feature will bring the best out of your art.

Overall what do you think of the new iPhone 7? Are you on the side of like it or are you against the headphone jack being removed or do you like the new idea of using the charger hole for both the charging and headphones? Do you think you would buy this phone?


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