How to Get Better Grades in the Funnest Way Possible

By: Maddy D.

Students in Westmount are put through a lot of pressure that may be triggered by teachers, peers, and parents, however more often than not the gifted mind will prompt self created stress that negatively affects a students drive to succeed. With all of the thoughts and ideas that are bouncing around in the brain of a gifted student, clearing their mind seems like an impossible task. So how can we fix this problem? Studies show that participating in physical activity makes countless promising changes for a student’s education.

At least 60 minutes of physical activity allows students to absorb and organize new information. Going for a run after studying forces your brain to file information and remember it as opposed to cramming and having small amounts of information scattered in your head. Self esteem boosts and benefits are guaranteed with an active lifestyle.

The social interaction of team sports teaches students the necessary skills to collaborate and get along much like the skills required to work in partnerships in school. Studies form the University of South Carolina and Pennsylvania State University showed that students with demanding schedules and high levels of stress who participate in team sports excel far more than those who don’t. All around a team sport, although a timely commitment, delivers an academic advantage you can’t find anywhere else.


In conclusion, a change in daily activities can make all the difference for a students academic career, weather it is a run every day after studying or a soccer practise during the week. The evidence provided by researchers shows that regardless of the activity physical activity will make immense changes on a students education leading to healthy happier life.


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