How Does Technology Affect Our Brain?

By: Mariana C


Exposure to technology isn’t at all bad. It has been proven that screen media improves visual-spatial capabilities, increase attentional ability, reaction times, and the capacity to identify details among clutter. Unfortunately, technology has poor repercussions on us, students. Technology stunts our imagination and memory. It requires sustained attention and limits our ability to achieve optimal sensory and motor skills development.


3 Ways to Detox From Our Technology Addiction

  1. Take a step back and start living in the real world: It takes perseverance to give up your technology time but we need to start thinking about who we can use our time more wisely. Meeting with someone in person is a while different experience then texting them in your phone. Technology can’ ever replace the gift of tough or body language.
  2. Make new habits and set goals: Be disciplined; make day-to-day plans. Even if you’re highly motivated and have come up with a perfect plan to get yourself detoxed, habits can easily get in your way. Here’s the good news: you can start forming new ones that will be just as strong as the old, bad habits.
  3. Believe in your choice!: You aren’t the only one who is addicted to technology and our electronics, our whole society is. When things get tough, remember the goals you set and how important they are to you. You don’t have to detox forever. It’s just an important way to remind yourself of what’s really vital in your life, and what you’re capable of doing without depending on technology. If and when you come back to the tech world, you will have insights, connections, and experiences you never would have had before. You may also feel freer to live life as you want! You may have to challenge yourself to doing this more than once, and you may not complete it perfectly each time, but each time will bring something new to the forefront.

The Mental Effects of Technology: 

  • Too much technology’s rewiring our brain The technology we process each day is actually rewiring our brains, between the multitasking and the addiction we feel when we’re without it.
  • Scrolling through social media and loneliness are inextricably connected. Experts conclude that this Internet paradox is a very real phenomenon. Our social networks are linked to feelings of loneliness, as well as a decrease in happiness and satisfaction
  • Staring at screens messes with your sleep. Before you shut down for the day, make sure to also shut down your phone and computer. Research shows that excessive technology use particularly right before bedtime can have an adverse impact on our sleep cycles thanks to the glowing light that’s emitted from screens.

The Physical Effects of Technology:

  • The way that we stare at our cell-phones could ruin or spine. We watch them all day at a 60 degree angle and it outs bout 60 pounds of pressure on our neck.
  • The germs that lounge on our phones can easily cause diseases on our face the will never go away.
  • The radiation and wifi exposure to men have been experimented with and proven that too much of it can lower men’s sperm count and restrict them from having children with their partner.
  • Too much screen causes damage to your eyes. It strains them and causes them to be both blurry and dry. Let our eyes rest and relax.

It’s certainly worth taking the time to unplug for a bit and find yourself and your own thoughts again.


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