Has the Future of Lighting Finally Arrived?

By: Claire M.

(Picture Credit: http://www.digitaltrends.com/home/nanoleafs-aurora-is-a-pretty-led-lighting-panel/#/9)

As technology continues to develop in our society, there has been a breakthrough in the future of lighting. A Toronto based company, Nanoleaf, that started out as three university students, have re-invented the lightbulb, making something even better. The Nanoleaf Aurora is the first customizable, colour changing light bulb. The company has since grown to over 30 people working on new, smart lighting, including the new Nanoleaf Aurora. Available now, these colour changing panels can be controlled by your very own smartphone.

Starting at an affordable $199, you can purchase the Nanoleaf Aurora starter kit. The starter kit contains nine colour changing panels that you can snap together into any shape or configuration you wish. Energy efficient and eco friendly, these incredible triangular panels can be placed on your walls and roof with something as easy as double sided tape. By being set up with double sided tape, this makes it easier for users to change the configuration as much as they’d like without having paint come off of their walls.

Connected to your home wifi, the Nanoleaf Aurora is able to be controlled by your smartphone and can even be controlled through voice recognition and platforms.

You can set them up to have any colours you want, with up to four billion options. With a few taps from the Nanoleaf App, you can make something that’s bright and beautiful to something sombre and dull. Any colour you’d wish can be portrayed through the Nanoleaf Aurora. In fact, you can even keep them constantly changing colours on their own instead of just a solid colour all the time. It’s basically living paint!

Even when you thought it couldn’t get any better, these lightbulbs are incredibly energy efficient. The Nanoleaf company is known for trying to reduce energy consumption.

Who knows, could this be how all the lights are in the future? Energy efficient, beautiful, customizable, and fun. We’ll just have to wait and see.


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