Has political correctness gone too far?

Anna M.

There’s a big difference between todays world and the world 50 years ago. Most of the things in todays world are way better than in the 60s, but with that leap in greatness there are also downsides. The world is in a war that nobody is trying to settle, but trying to fight. People are coming out with new sexualities and genders that not everybody understands which puts peoples egos down. Tv is getting much more violent, but its all fake so whats the big fuss? All of these things and much much more put people in three positions. Choose to be ignorant and stay out of the way. Learn about the topics and put their stance on it without disrupting anyones self confidence; or seem like they know everything and fight anyone who says otherwise. Has political correctness gone too far?

Well the main topic about today are the US presidential elections, so I thought I might slide in a little bit about it. “To be politically correct just takes too much time, it takes too much effort. We have to get things done in this country and you’re never gone get anything done if we just stay politically correct,” said Mr. Trump on a video supporting his campaign. Sometimes what Mr. Trump says is true. Sometimes you have to focus on the big picture and not the obstacles that face you from getting there, but we are human beings. Not obstacles. We have a right to be spoken to the way we wish. If somebody wants to be called Alex and not Alexis then why not? If somebody doesn’t want to be made fun of or treated worse because of their religion then why not? Sometimes political correctness does interfere, but you have to find the sweet spot between being worried if you might offend someone 24/7 but still respecting peoples wishes.

Just recently a U of T tenure professor is fired from the university after refusing to not use female or male pronouns for one of his students. This might seem a little silly too some audiences, but this is actually a reason a professor was fired. He did not follow Bill C-16, which proposes to outlaw harassment and discrimination based on gender identity and gender expression under the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code. He could’ve easily kept his job by just following a students wishes. Even after the event occurred he stated “I don’t recognize another person’s right to determine what pronouns I use to address them. I won’t do it.” So not only is he ignorant, but he’s stubborn too.

To conclude, yes you don’t have to tiptoe around everyone scared of making one little mistake, but educate yourself. Not all religious peoples are terrorists and not all LGBTQ+ people have houses painted of rainbow and think heterosexuals are the devils beings. It’s just that you need to respect people, and if you for some reason feel that what they are asking you to do is wrong, then keep it to yourself or keep it in your home.


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