Google’s Helpful New Feature: Fact Check

Google’s Helpful New Feature
By: Maddy M

For 18 years now, Google has helped millions of people find the answers to simple questions. The problem with this search engine is that many people have been misinformed by fake articles posted, and rumors written.

Google recently released a new program that sorts fiction and fact. “Fact Check.” will be issued on Google News and will help readers find the truth when reading large news stories. Other sites that already have a fact checking system can apply to appear in the search results, but it will begin in only the US and the UK. So how will Google know if an article needs fact check? Well, they will be using the claim review technique. The end goal of this program is to show readers that what they are reading is verified and debunked. The tag will show up in the expanded article and highlight the important information. This label will soon join the “In-Depth” “Opinion” and “Wikipedia” that Google currently uses.

The question is, how will this benefit you? Well, when creating a school project or writing a report you will able to have peace of mind knowing that the information you’ve used if correct and true. Not only can this save you from a bunch of embarrassment but it can also improve your mark and make you generally more informed. Fact Check was introduced on October 13th, which was just in time for the presidential election debates and such. During this time, rumors often spread and this helpful trick will make sure that what you read is not just gossip but actual fact. The downside of Google’s fact check is that you can’t see the label in the un-expanded article. This can make it hard to quickly skim articles that are true, and instead making you have to click on each link and look for the tag.

So make sure to take advantage of this new feature, for it could greatly benefit you and your school life.


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