“Future Plans” on Samsung’s Note Series

By: Sidd P

Note 7.jpghttps://www.cnet.com/products/samsung-galaxy-note-7-review/

Because of the bad reputation of the Note 7, Samsung might stop the Note series permanently. This means that Samsung will only be coming out with one flagship a year instead of two. According to TechnoBuffalo and Korea Herald, the Note series is going to be the last lineup of phablets (If you don’t know what phablets are, they’re basically phones with really big screens that are over 5.5” or 14cm). This could mean big profit cuts for samsung because the Galaxy Note series was one of Samsung’s biggest flagships and have sold many units in the past.

The Korea Herald also states that another one of the main reasons that Samsung might discontinue their Note series and just release one flagship a year is to ensure product quality which is also linked to the safety of the consumer. The newspaper also says that it’s possible that the Note series could also be discontinued so that Samsung can adjust to their tight release schedule.

It’s terrible to see a smartphone series that has been there for 5 years to suddenly be discontinued. The Note series deserves a proper goodbye.

One thing to note (Pun not intended. So funny when I think about it now!) is that the Note series was originally created in order to increase Samsung’s profits because the sales of Samsung’s first Smartphone, the Galaxy S (Which was the first phone in the Galaxy S series) were not doing so well.


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