Euthanasia for humans isn’t such a new thought.

Anna M.

Euthanasia for humans is a highly talked about topic between doctors, patients, and citizens of the world. I’m going to be covering Canada’s view on the topic. The Netherlands already has euthanasia laws put into place and yet it is one of the happiest countries in the world. So lets dig into the specifics about the drug and why it might no be such a big deal.

Currently Quebec is the only province aloud to practice doctor assisted death. A college in Quebec will teach physicians how to administer the drug and train the doctors with certain circumstances in mind about euthanasia.It is unclear whether the rest of Canada will be using euthanasia at this time, but for now Quebec put the law into effect last December. There are certain outlines needed to be met mentally, and physically. The have to have an incurable condition and intolerable physical or psychological suffering to die. There are three drugs administered in the process. A sedative such as a benzodiazepine to relieve anxiety, a barbiturate or similar drug to induce a coma, and finally a neuromuscular block, which stops the heart and respirations.

Some things that are interesting about this topic is that it didn’t take long for us to decide that a drug could be used for animals to “put them to sleep”, but with humans it was a much bigger stance. It had to be passed through the Canadian supreme court for it to be only considered for one province (who wanted to leave the country a couple years ago). It’s ok for us to decide when its suitable for another species to die?

I think most people in todays world are completely supportive of doctor assisted death. Because why not? If the patient is terminally ill and is mentally stable enough to know that they want to die now instead of pumping drugs in their bodies to keep them alive for another two painstaking weeks, whats the big deal.

This was a relatively easy bill to pass, but the outlines are very specific and they have to be. For one, some of the medications given to patients can make them drowsy and not in their right mental state. And two, sometimes the patients aren’t terminally ill but have a fairly small chance of plausible survival. So yes there are strict outlines, but you cant just let somebody with the flu kill themselves within the walls of a hospital; and euthanasia isn’t such a new idea. Patients are legally aloud to stop treatment or refuse to be touched by a doctor. It is different in that when they refuse treatment, its not assisted death but rather them dying of their illness.

In short isn’t euthanasia more humane than refusing treatment because the patients don’t need to wait their time out in pain?


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