Donald Trump Is So Close – Yet So Far

By Ryland M.

The Republican candidate who gained a massive following during the primaries has gained enough momentum to put himself in a winning position for President, shocking many Americans, who simply thought he was a joke of a candidate who would never make it anywhere the Republican primary election. He proved them wrong by pitching himself as a non-establishment candidate who could end corruption in the government which he claimed originated with people like Bill and Hillary Clinton, who he says used their power as President and Secretary of State to pursue their own ends for personal gain. He also promised to bring jobs back into the USA that had been moved to places like China and Mexico, saying it will bring back businesses and strengthen the economy, creating more jobs everywhere.

These claims and promises appealed to many people and Trump had gained a huge swing of momentum heading into the general election, prompting many political observers to predict a Trump win by a large majority. What nobody except maybe Trump himself saw coming was the release of many past comments he made, portraying him as racist and sexist, reinforcing what Hillary Clinton has been using as her main argument against Trump ever since he won the Republican primary. Later on in debates, he would go on to say his comments were “locker room talk” and would not be repeated, right before saying “we have some bad hombres here” and “isn’t she such a nasty woman” referring to Clinton. This only helped Clinton fuel the fire about Trump being disrespectful and unfit for president, a move that many have said handed Clinton the election. Only time will tell if Trump truly did make or break his election with those comments, or if his strong fan base will carry him to the presidency.


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