David Suzuki Is A Nutjob

By Ryland M.



In case you didn’t know him, David Suzuki has been CBC’s poster-child for climate change and environmental activism for over 15 years. He has said time and time again that airplanes are one of the worst things that have happened to the environment, and once even promised not to fly anywhere anymore. Since then Suzuki has flown all over the world many times, mostly to private dinners and events for activists. I wonder why he couldn’t just video conference in order to reduce the airplane emissions he says are killing the planet? Because then he wouldn’t get to attend media-sponsored private dinners or charge schools upwards of $40,000 for a 1-hour visit.

He was recently questioned by an independent reporter about his promise to not use air travel, where he outright denied he said anything about not using air travel. When the reporter pressed further, Suzuki had his private security guards force back the reporter and attempt to confiscate his camera. Suzuki has a long history of ignoring questions from reporters that don’t show him in a positive light and has even canceled events and been driven off in a car in order to get away from reporters questioning him, but there is an even darker side of Suzuki. Certain emails have been acquired my media that show his staff organizers communicating with schools, and asking for a private entourage of “young attractive school girls” for Suzuki when he presented in front of high schoolers. Of course, you won’t see any of this on CBC because that would make them look like fools for supporting Suzuki.

Other than appearing somewhat creepy, Suzuki has said many things that have portrayed him as a total nut-job. He said in an interview with the National Observer that the CEOs of oil companies are “killing the planet” and should be put in jail for their crimes against the planet. He even went as far to say that former Prime Minister Steven Harper is one such example and should be jailed. He also said anyone who agrees with these people should be jailed for “willful ignorance”, implying that he wants anyone who opposes his view put in jail. This is not a one-time slip of judgment either, he has said multiple time over the years that he thinks people should be jailed for “climate ignorance.”

It is not just Canadian oil industry supporters that Suzuki is out to get, it is whoever fits his agenda, which seems to be influenced by millions of dollars from overseas organizations seeking to shut down Canadian oil production. Now that the Liberal party forms a majority federal government and is set to enforce a federal carbon tax in addition to the Alberta NDPs carbon tax, Suzuki has praised their steps as saving the world from oil. Not so long ago, Suzuki was asked by Justin Trudeau himself to endorse his environmental plan during the 2015 federal election. Suzuki talked with Trudeau over the phone, saying that he is “all over the damn map” and calling him a “twerp.” Suzuki’s foundation gets nearly all of its funding from anti-oil lobbyists and organizations overseas and is also fully supported by the CBC, leading to suspicions that the whole organization supporting Suzuki is acting to against Canadian oil for the purposes of multi-billionaires in the US and overseas producing their own oil.

It seems nothing will get in the way of Suzuki enforcing his will upon Canada, evident when he said in a podcast that the Canadian oil industry is the same thing as slavery in the 19th century. He said that the Canadian economy is destroying the Earth, and the oil industry is creating all of the world’s problems. If Suzuki couldn’t seem any more like a total crackpot, he himself owns three huge properties, one of which he shares with an oil company. Going by Suzuki’s logic, he owns a lot more slaves than me.


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