Carrie Underwood Storyteller Tour


by: Kaylea Barrow

Carrie Underwood’s concert was a one it a lifetime experience. The light and the colours were perfect so you would have the right mood. The sound was great, they made it so it was loud everywhere and not just deafening right at the stage. Her two opening bands were great they had an fantastic stage presence. The stage was a peculiar shape and carrie underwood could go from side to side without effort.

During the concert she changed 4 times into 4 different dresses through the night and she even had different jewelry and show and it was really fast changing and the outfits were really fitting to the songs she was singing. There was also a jukebox that she was standing on and it raised out of the stage and she was wearing a extremely elegant dress.

Carrie Underwood’s belt  is so controlled and she makes singing sound simple. She hit every note so perfectly but at some points she ran out of breath but every time she had a great recovery and would probably go into another belt.

If she ever comes close to calgary again I would totally grab a ticket for this magnificent artists, she is country so you may think to yourself why would I want to go to a concert like that? Well, my sister who doesn’t like country music at all, found it fantastic. You may not care about someone’s sister liking it so try searching her up and listening to a song or two, one song you many have hear on the radio is “Before he Cheats” but ones I recommend for you to listen is to is “Little Toy Guns” or “Dirty Laundry”.


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