British Air Liner forced to land in Vancouver after mysterious outbreak among crew.


On October 25th, 2016 4:00 AM, a British Airways Airbus A380 was diverted from a scheduled flight from San Francisco to London, England was forced to make an emergency Landing in Vancouver. The reason of this sudden diversion was due, to, as reports stated, an outbreak among the aircraft’s crew. 25 crew members were rushed to hospital for treatment, and the plane’s 400 passengers were left stranded in Vancouver. So far, the facts have been vague and inconclusive from official reports and passenger experiences.

From a passenger’s account, he stated that shortly after the dinner service, an announcement was made to the passengers of the flight. The Captain stated that, due to mechanical issues and a crew member feeling unwell, the plane was to be diverted to Calgary, (later changed to Edmonton). Once touched down, 25 crew members were given medical attention, though they were all released from hospital only an hour later. The airline is now working on booking hotels and scheduling alternative flights for the stranded .The Passengers stated that they were not given any conclusive information on the incident. The passenger accounts of what actually happened heavily conflict each other as well. The Airbus A380 is a full double-deck aircraft, the largest in the world. The massive size of the Aircraft makes it hard to pinpoint anything, people on the lower decks herd commotion on the upper decks, and people on the upper decks felt commotion in the lower deck.


There still is no conclusive evidence on the details, and there are still many questions that are unanswered. The cause of the disease has not been verified, the original statement stated that it was smoke inhalation; later, it was changed to “unclear”. Another suspicious thing is the fact that an airbus A380 is a massive aircraft, and has a large crew and other safety features that other planes do not have. Conducting an emergency landing for a plane of this size means that something very serious has happened.


People are also wondering why the plane diverted its path to the Vancouver airport, and not landing in Calgary. The official report stated that it was an emergency, so it is widely accepted that situations as stated, the closest airport is the most logical place. It is said that the Calgary international airport is not able to land such a massive and heavy aircraft, but the Vancouver Airport is not much larger. There is some speculation that the extra 1000 kilometers of flight was intended to use as much fuel as possible to lighten the plane’s weight.






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