A Delicious Addition to Your Day

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By: Hannah E.

Food fanatics rave about the sushi roll called the spider roll. With its fried crab, it is to have everyone drooling. It is known for having crab legs sticking out the top, that gives it the name because of the spidery look to it. Lets get into the ingredients and prep.

You will need one and a half cups of sticky rice. This is the best part, two cleaned soft shell crabs. To get to the spices you will need one-quarter teaspoon of salt and pepper. To add some flavour you will need two tablespoons of seasoned rice vinegar and one tablespoon of butter. To add a nice extra taste you will need an avocado, sheets of seaweed (nori) and four teaspoons of sesame seeds. For a last little kick you will need half a cup of chopped green onions and to stick all together a quarter cup of all-purpose flour.

Continue rolling to top edge; press mat to seal sushi roll. Slice each roll into 8 pieces with a sharp knife.

  1. Bring water and rice to a boil in a pot. Cover the pot, reduce the heat and little it simmer for fifteen minutes. Remove from the heat and let it stand for fifteen minutes with the pot covered.
  2. Place it in a large bowl and stir the rice vinegar in with a spoon until its complete mixed, cover the mixture and let in sit for thirty minutes.
  3. Sprinkle the salt and pepper on the crabs. Cover the crabs in flour and shake of the excess flour.
  4. Melt the butter in a frying pan at medium high heat. Add the crabs top side down. Cook them for three minutes and press the body and legs against the pan. Turn the crabs over and cook for another three minutes. Cut all the crabs into quarters leaving the legs attached.
  5. Place the seaweed shiny side down on a sushi mat covered in plastic wrap. Pat three quarters of rice over the nori leaving an inch border on short end of the nori closest to you.
  6. Arrange the crab pieces and the avocado slices horizontally over rice, allow the legs to stick out over the edges of the nori. Sprinkle with two tablespoons green onions and one teaspoon of sesame seeds.
  7. Left the end of the nori, fold over filling. Life bottom edge of sushi mat, roll toward top edge pressing firmly. Continue rolling to top edge, press the mat to seal the roll, slice each roll into eight pieces.

Follow these steps and you will have an amazing dinner for four. Enjoy!


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